Monday, 31 March 2014

Where have you been fish?

Looking back at the blog it's been a while between swims/drinks/posts. So where has the fish been? 

Work has been extra busy, so that takes up time. The kids are starting school and going through some emotional growth. All this means that by the time i sit down at night it's a whole lot later that I really want it to be. 

Sadly, it's the blog that's had to give. 

In between real life I've been enjoying the trails on a regular basis. I've been running the tracks with the Dandenong Runners, running for about an hour and a half most Sundays. Sometimes it's been longer, other times shorter. We've hit the tough hills and the easy tracks. All of it has been a blast. Now that I'm back at work I've been working on my tempos and HIT sessions around the streets and at the track.

Unfortunately I missed this years RollerCoaster run, something I was really looking forward to but work had to take precedence. By all accounts it was a cracker of a day - cool and overcast which saw fast field and the course record smashed. 2015, I'll be waiting patiently for you roll on. 

In more exciting news the Lillydale Athletics Club is running a 5km 'Cross country' race this Sunday, 6 April. It promises to be a great event, especially as it is a modified course around the Lillydale Lake. 

I'm entering with a modified, possibly odd race plan. I'm going to hit the lake early, and do 2.5km 'lap' of the lake as my warm up, hopefully hitting the start line just before the gun. 

Why? I've been experimenting a little, and I've found I can run harder and longer with a good warm up? My goal is to warm up and hit the race running. I want to start with a 4:00 min/k and then progressively speed up to finish the last at a 3:15 pace. I've set myself a sub 18:30 goal, and I feel like this is the formula to make it happen. 

Well, all going well I'll be reporting back soon enough. Schools out next week, that means more me time! 

Cheers for now, Lachie, AKA ThisFish