Thursday, 10 October 2013

A year in reflection - ThisFishCanRun turns 1!

How to start this post? Always the question I ask. This post is a reflection of the 2012/2013 season, or a wrap up of my first year of blogging.
An epic way to wake up - getting out to run this trail!
During the week I was looking back through the blog and some of my earlier contacts with to see where I have come from as a runner and where I hope to go in the future.

This is what I found:
12 months ago I started writing as thisfish and I set myself some goals that I hoped to achieve:
·        To finish in the top 10% of each of the races I entered.
·        To hopefully place in the top 10 of a race.
·        To work towards bringing my 5k time down to break the 20 minute barrier.
·        To work towards bringing my 10k time down to break the 40 minute barrier and
·        Run a sub 1:30 – 90 minute ½ marathon.

So, how successful was I in meeting my goals?

In the races I entered this year, I was successful in achieving a top 10% finish in all of them except for three. In the 2013 Two Bays run I finished 180th, a massive effort in my first real trail run. In April I entered the Geelong Half Marathon after a week of illness and finished in the top 50% and a month later I took 8 minutes off my 2011 Puffing Billy ‘The Great Train Race’ time and finished in the top 13%.
It looks like thisfish is flying...

Was I able to obtain a top 10 finish? Yes,in the Marysville 10km race in November I finished 5th, my first taste of success. Throughout the Rapid Ascent Salomon series I went from strength to strength and managed two top 20 finishes, one that saw me place 9th in my division and another that placed me 12th. To then finish the series in 7th place  overall was an amazing feeling, and I’m already thinking about how I can push for a top 5, if not a podium placing in next year’s series. I was a little behind the leaders who ran some incredible times, but with a little luck and the right determination I might just be able to take that next step.

Did I break the 20 minute barrier over 5kms? Yes, in training I have achieved that three times, but it’s only official on my phone (and mapmyrun account) and on the Garmin watch. Perhaps I might have to find a nice local 5km event and see what I can do on the right day.

Breaking the 40 minute 10km? No not yet but I can feel it happening soon.
One thing I will take away this year is learning to run faster through my initial experimentation with breathing techniques and timing, and then taking it to another level with my Pose coaching experience with Sally.

I can now say that I do know how to run fast. In my weekly training I can regularly hit 3:25-3:35 minute/km during my interval sessions. Yes, it takes considerable effort and focus on technique to get to that speed, but I can do it in a fairly relaxed and comfortable form with just a little in reserve, rather than the all-out exertion it required in the past. What I am now learning to do and training my body to do is to push these out to 1.1k, then 1.2 k to build my endurance with less recovery running or rest in between, with the ideal outcome stretching these out to a 5k streak. I also love my regular track work sessions.

Time to follow this advice!
My goals for 2014 are to again finish in the top 10% of each of my races, and I’m going to really push the desire to look for a few genuine top 10 finishes in the trail racing scene, hopefully finding a podium finish somewhere along the line. I’ve re-entered the Two Bays 28km run in January and will rerun the Salomon Series in 2014, as well as looking to enter the Rollercoaster run and a few of the Trails+ 10k events.

I've also put in my application for 'Team inov-8'

So, thanks for reading over the past year and I’m really looking forward to seeing what next year brings and hearing about how all of you guys are going as well. 

Would you mind sharing your goals with our running community? Comment here on the Thisfishcanrun Facebook thread. 

Cheers and happy goal meeting for 2013/14!


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Friday, 4 October 2013

Thisfishcanrun goes Facebook

Good evening cheery readers. I was looking back at the blog recently and realised that it is almost ThisFishes birthday! That's right, my first post was almost 12 months ago on 18/10/2012.

So much has happened since then. My running has improved phenomenally and hopefully my writing has as well. 

I've had some great adventures with my family and I'm feeling great.

I've enjoyed some brilliant training runs with the Dandy Trail Runners group, met some inspirational inov-8 athletes and really enjoyed following all my favourite bloggers from here in Australia and to those in the States and Canada. 

In racing land I've been able to meet my top 10% goal in nearly all my runs and even had success in placing in the top 10 for my division in the Salomon trail series.

So whats next? I've got some new personal running goals to set for the next 12 months and beyond. 

To sort of celebrate I've launched the Thisfishcanrun Facebook page. This will be where the little things happen: Training updates (yes some facts and figures and trail stories), running and training questions and 'running community discussion' starters and hopefully a little more. 

So, if you're out their in Facebook land, like Thisfishcanrun and join in on the fun. 

Cheers for now, much more to come!