Friday, 13 November 2015

145 BPM MAF (Heart Rate Training) November update

Well, once again it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on my Heart Rate (HR) training, and here it is.

At the moment I’m loving my EZ (Easy) run training. I’m continuing to work within my 145 beats per minute (BPM) boundaries and I’m making steady progress in the EZ or endurance running ‘zone’. I’ve been tracking my runs on Strava, it’s such an easy thing to do and the very friendly software keeps telling me that I’m trending faster! What does this mean?

Over the last 2 months, all bar one of my morning or afternoon runs on one of my routes have been run faster than the previous one. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

These runs range from 5.57km – 6.5km and now take between 27 – 29 minutes. Both of the out and back runs were originally half an hour, as I ran out 15 minutes and aimed to be back by the 30 minute mark. On the weekend I like to get in an hour to 90 minute EZ run, though my recent focus has been chasing as much vert as possible to prep for the Vertical K race at the end of November.
Stupid hills!
The three morning/local runs that I most enjoy are the ‘Up the hill and back’ run which sees an elevation gain of roughly 63m up, and the lovely descent down, there is the ‘Bridge to bridge’ variation which is fairly neutral, though it also has more gain than you first think and finally the flattish, but with a steady 3% gradient home is the ‘Seville out n back’.

In the last two months my 'Bridge and back' time has dropped from 5:07pace to 4:48pace. 

The  ‘Up the hill and back time’ has come down from 5:03km/minute to 4:35km/minute.

Finally, the flattish 'Seville' run has come down from 5:00 to 4:34.

I’ll also note that these best times have now happened in the morning as well, where I was previously slower during my morning runs. Interestingly my best progress has come on the hill run. I am now running well ahead of the grade adjusted pace, in fact is says my 5:01 pace up the hill is nearer 4:23 pace on a flat. I’m still about 20 seconds behind what it says I should be running down the hill though. Hey, I’m more than happy to be hitting 4:03 pace down the hill though. You’ve still got to run, but imagine a sub 4 minute pace at your easy effort level!

Positives from this? My EZ pace/ half marathon plus pace is ‘this close’ to 4:30 pace. I’ve never run this fast at a sub 165 BPM effort level, let alone at a very relaxed 145 BPM level. I think it’ll soon be time to put it to the test somewhere.

Negatives? I do think I’ve lost a little of my top end pace. 3:55 km pace seems to be where I work best. Now I know this is a cracking pace to have, but I’ve been chasing 3:45 pace over 5kms for a while and it’s just not happening.

So, I’ll continue this training and see where it takes me. I’m hoping to improve on my 4:48 flat (football oval laps) 5km MAF (145 BPM) test, and I want to hit 4:30 pace. It’ll take time but time is what I have and I’m loving the training.

Till next time my friends,

ThisFishCANrun J