Blogs I like

Stan - The inspiring marathoner from Canada and my Inov-8 loving buddy- the first blogger to get me hooked:

Brendan Davies: inov-8 Ultra athlete and an amazing guy: 

Kyle - A man with inspiring goals and a go hard attitude I'm taking up:

Ash - Not Just another fn runner, also a great writer who has some of the best shoe reviews I've read:

Malo - The Paleo runners - Going caveman style?

Rhi - A great girl who is very motivational and a lot of fun to read. Her blogs always bring a chuckle

Ali - Fashion, food, fun and running. Another great blog

Running Blogger - The ultimate collection of runners and bloggers.

As I find more I'll put them here :)

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  1. awww, you flatter me so, Lachie. thanks for the shout-out :) Keep up the great running and blogging.