Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Running in Robe

Lucky I didn't put up an extra s, running in robes might be quite the challenge.

We recently spent a week in Robe, South Australia and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I was able to get in two runs - I decided to enjoy the holiday and take a week off running after the first few days.
The first run I did was along the beach at twilight. I must say it was a great experience. The flat beach was perfect for keeping at a steady pace and running with the wife made it all the more enjoyable. We did an easy 3km out and back for 6kms before a refreshing dip in the waters to finish it off. Very enjoyable and I could happily do it everyday if I lived the there.

The second run was around the town. From our little house I ran the back streets, passing 150+ year old cottages and buildings - Robe was an early fishing port and later docking station for the Chinese miners drawn to the Victorian Gold rush of the 1850s.

From there it was around the harbour on a new gravel track - the chance to check out the fishing fleet and the local flora. On the other side of the harbour I went on the new track to the light house. This was a fun km or so section with short and sharp rises and falls. At the light house the view over the coast was spectacular. I could have continued along the cliff path but as I was wearing my Inov-8 155 road shoes I had no traction or protection from the trail.

Back towards the harbour I trailed along to the beach for 200m or so before being forced back onto the main street. From there I turned towards the beach again and ran along the beach road with its longer hills (as much as 500m each way can be) before a short run along the beach access track and back to the main street to finish at the bakery - ripper croissants for breaky.

In all it was about 11km, a great run which I really enjoyed. If you live in Robe - get out there and run! I'm sure there are \plenty of circuits I could have ran. I was happy just to be there.

Cheers and happy running,



  1. Awesome pics and great update. Australia is one place where I hope to visit and run one day for sure. I've covered off 5 continents but have never been down there yet.

  2. You definitely have to put us on your list Stan. Let me know when you make it - we've plenty of international events and lots of great local one in Melbourne. I'm sure we could find a room here for you.
    Cheers, Lachie