Monday, 27 May 2013

Facebook - Bringing Surf Coast Runners together

Where I was heading - Near the end of the Juc cliffs
Ah, the power of Facebook. Two weeks ago I was going home to the Surf Coast for a family engagement. I was due for a longer run and I was keen to hit the trails. I was desperate for a run in the Dandys but it was never going to happen. What was a man to do?

A few months ago I had joined a Surf Coast Trail Runners group on Facebook and had been keeping in touch with the regular updates. A few days before we left for home I put on a post asking about a track from Torquay to the famous Bells Beach that I had walked years ago. Was it still there? Has anyone run it recently and was anyone keen for a run on a Sunday?

Well, as luck would have it a member of the group was planning to run it at 7:00 am on Sunday and I was more than welcome to run with him. Awesome! He was planning a 25km out and back trip for 50km, I’d do the 8km to Bells and back for 16km. So at 7:00am on a Sunday, I was meeting a complete stranger for a run at one of my favourite sections of beach in the world. The weather was perfect for running; clear skies and just a touch of wind.

About half way to Bells

We took off along the start of the new Surf Coast walk, a paved path that I now think goes all the way to Anglesea. We then ran along the cliff tops by Jan Juc SLSC, along the path past Birdies rock and followed the undulating trail to Bells. The track is all well made, not the single track I was hoping for.
The views were just brilliant. We ran beside Aussie scrub, up and down various steps, across the sand all while the section out had epic views of the rolling surf to our left.

Near Birdies Rock, on the way home. Ran along the beach below!
45 minutes later we had chatted our way over 8 perfect kms. I had really enjoyed the run, at a moderate to quick 5km to the min pace. We met another runner at Bells and the two of them took off as I made the return trip home. This time I stopped for happy snaps of the coast and trail. I also enjoyed a 2km stretch along Torquay and Jan Jun beaches.

If you’re ever in Torquay with time to enjoy a run, this one gets a big thumbs up from me.

Cheers and happy running,

The Fish


  1. Hi Lachie. The Surf Coast Trail runs all the way through to Moggs creek now I think. They have just blasted out a great new section from Urquatts Bluff to Aireys Inlet - single track heaven! I run out of Anglesea a fair bit and often head towards Bells. From Bells to Point Addis is mostly along the beach , I think you might need low tide to get past some of the points. The trail from Point Addis through to Anglesea is superb, a bit of beach then you climb up past the scout camp. That track has got me back into running. The trail from Anglesea out to Point Roadknight is also fantastic. Lots of hills, views and great flowing running.

    1. Wow, it sounds like I definately need to get back to the coast and check it out. The Surf Coast Trail Runners on Facebook often talk abou the trail and matching tides, it sounds like an extra element of fun to play with! I'm glad it got you back into the running. I feel the Dandenong trails have done the same for me. Keep on smashing out the tracks :)
      Chers, Lachie

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