Tuesday, 24 June 2014

2014 Salomon Trail Series - Race 1 Studley Park

Standing at the start, race 1 of the #SalomonTrailSeries. I was toeing the line, my heart was pumping. The morning chill kept us in check, the perfect testing ground for my STRYDA compression
The hooter went and we took off. I settled into a quick rhythmic stride and worked my way into the lead pack. What was my pace? Earlier in the week I had made the choice to run ‘nude’ no gps, no foot pod and no heart rate monitor. Pure running, feeling my way with each step.
#bitumenisboring - but you gotta get to the trail!
RUnning quickly, we found our stride and shook off the last of the #bitumenisboring before hitting the gravel path. We were soon to find out that sometimes you have to just trust your own course knowledge...
Don’t always follow the marshals lead, as a dud steer lost the leaders precious seconds they were directed straight on as we took the first left around the ovals. ‘Run fair!’ was the cry, and those that trusted our own navigation slowed the pace and let the pre ‘glitch’ order return. From here though, it was game on.
Legs feeling great, I pushed the pace and played a little game of cat and mouse as we ran past the river along the first of the trails.
wE returned to the road before a quick right hander lead us along a double trail/ well-worn track back upto the swing bridge. At this stage I was feeling great and pushed the pace a little.
Yikes! The sway of the bridge and dodging the foot traffic added to the thrill and sent the heart rate racing. One sharp left and we were onto the real trails – these were the twists and turns that I had signed up for.
Passing one or two more runners, I was feeling the pinch and slowed just enough to keep on the tail of those in front. The pace was slowly building as the finish line drew closer.
As we neared the final switchback, the lead runner seemed to be only a few hundred meters ahead. I had to ask myself, ‘would I be able to reel them in?’ I pushed on, daring to dream a little dream.
A Right onto another variation of the trail and under bridge, you could hear the #SuuntoSprint timers buzzing away. I flicked the switch and made my
move, one final burst.
My cheeky #SalomonSelfie
Kicking into sprint mode I passed two more and powered home, almost coming unstuck on some slippery grass. With the final surge I crossed the line in a 5k PB of 19:04 and in 11th position. I’d later find out I had the 10th quickest #SuuntoSprint for the day and come 5th in my age category.

So, time to hit the hills and fine tune things before race two at Lower Plenty. If you're keen to come for a run in the Dandenongs, look me up on Facebook and say hello.

Till next time, The Fish



  1. well done Lachie. Great time on a trail, and a clever inclusion of the event name!

  2. Thanks Les, if there was one, the you'd get the bonus prize for your sharp observations. Hope to catch up with you on the trails soon. Cheers, Lachie

  3. Great time champ... even if it was flat and straight that would be good. You must be doing something right.

    1. Hi John, thanks for the support. I feel as though I am on the right 'track' and have taken 41 seconds off my PB since January when I did the Merimbula Park Run.