Monday, 9 March 2015

Guest review of the new Skins A400 range - Mrs Fish!

In 2014 Mrs Fish was selected to be one of the 2014 Victorian Skins recruits for the Melbourne City to Sea event. She has continued to develop her relationship with Skins who very kindly gave her the opportunity to proudly wear some of their new products and share her thoughts on the new range.

Here are her thoughts: 

"My review for the new A400 Skins!!!

My first impression of the new SKINS A400 range was one of excitement! So many added features and improvements and a great new look! The Plus range adds a touch of sportiness and the layering idea is fabulous to combine with other garments. For me, the SKINS Plus Revive Tank gave me confidence to wear a crop top and would be brilliant paired with the A400 crop or tank which is definitely part of my next purchase. It is lightweight, moisture-wicking, comfortable and a great fit. I love the idea of the toggle and was pleased to be able to pull it together to fit nicely over my Women's Rush Shorts.

What struck me about the shorts was the fabric. They are so lightweight, they didn't chafe at all and they are a great cut and shape. I wore them on their own, but could see them being super comfortable over the A400 or A200 Tights. A great idea for those who may want the extra visibility at night or in overcast conditions, warmth or even confidence to wear the tights. For somebody like me that seems to really appreciate compression, I found the Essentials Unisex Calf Tights brilliant! I often suffer from tight calves and didn't notice it whilst they were on. I use them for training, recovery and even warmth in the cooler weather under a pair of tights. I found them very comfortable, easy to put on and breathable. 

What really stood out for me was the new 360 degree reflective highlights. So simple, but highly visible at night! As shown in the photo below, we took one of the gear without a flash and one with to demonstrate how the logos will reflect at night.

They look great!

Exceptional visibility at night!

The SKINS logo really stands out 

I would call myself a middle to long distance runner and as such I need sports gear that is comfortable, breathable, reflective and most importantly functional. SKINS you never fail to impress me. Your new A400 range I believe has it all, and I will continue to spread the word and wear SKINS to show just how impressive it is."

Mrs Fish A.K.A Emma

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