Sunday, 25 August 2013

Salomon Trail Series - Silvan Dam - 2013 Race Three results

Not the trail...
Another race, has come and done, with this post I’ll share the fun!

The week before was wild and windy, cold and wet.
Yet at Sundays start the weather was clear,
So the Fish lined up, his mind all set. 

The gun went off and so did the Fish,
He had a plan, to go out hard and run near the lead,
How long would it last? To the end was his wish.

Now this is where the plan went astray...  

So much for easing the runners in as they hit the first hill,
The Fish ran with the pack, he would ease right in, let others lead the way.
The climb was gradual, the track was tight.
Shadowing those running on in front,
Quick, nimble steps, dodging trees and ferns, a turn to the left and then the right.

The famous saying, what goes up must come down 
(Now he pushed, gave it a crack),
So at the crest an additional burst, accelerate beyond the rise!
The descent began, then another hill, don’t drop back.

At 5ks in the Fish felt good,
All runners kept on moving, past tracks and tanks,
The climb ahead, he understood
Would make or break a runners heart.
His mind not to be deterred by those running ahead,
When the going gets the tough he’d make his move
To run this hill was the plan from the start.

As the ascent went up and the track became more brutal,
The pace now slowed from a race to a crawl.
Some racers pushed on, some held back or kept things in check.
The Fish made his move and gave it his all.
To master this climb you needed light steps and good form,
So the Fish picked up his cadence and attacked to the top.
Taking care with his feet, slippery tracks after the storm.

It was brutal, it was tough.
How long could he push it, picking up a few places,
The mind saying stop it, the legs screaming enough!
As the peak was then reached the Fish was relived.
But from here, the course was yet to ease,
To succeed you push on, was what the Fish firmly believed.

Just when you thought the ascent was done
And a fast descent let the legs get loose,
The killer climb had now begun.
The track was steep and made of mud
Below his feet the slipping, oh what fun,
Grabbing at branches to keep going forward and avoid a thud!

Two more climbs were to lie ahead,
So not to walk a hill was the plan. 
But the degree of difficulty would make you draw breath with dread.

Movement here was slow and steady,
Each new step closer to those in front and the peak.
Breathing relaxed, pushing on and ready.
Finally almost 10ks had gone by,
The depth of the run had be conquered.
Two runners ahead, now the Fish would try.

To reel them in k by k
As the track went down, the speed went up,
That long downhill stretch, the fastest of the day.
The last of the bush was entered with pace,
Another sign here, another turn there.
A runner only just ahead, it was time to race

The single track was was fun, it was epic
Twists and turns, still dodging more trees and ferns
At long last we burst onto the road, finally giving hills the flick.
Medium and long distances combined,
They all hit the road for the short stretch home.
Some passed the Fish, just one more burst could he find?

A final right and a short short track,
Past the car park and to the line.
The Fish dug deep, for one final crack!
Powering on past the longer runners,
Where would he finish?
The elation, no other finish had been any funner!

14kms and some epic hills,
Amazing scenery and a crazy track!
The Fish was lucky to avoid some spills,
To finish 17th and was a massive thrill.

This run was the most challenging of the Salomon three,
And almost more fun than last at Lower Plenty.

So now I sign off, to prepare for the last
Bring it on at Anglesea!

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  1. Well done the Fish!!! I ran too, but not as you. I did the short. My legs now feel taught. I got pipped by Jane, I felt the pain! But like you I will train. To do better again! Anglesea here we come, for another fun run.

    1. Ha ha, thanks Judy. I love your style. Glad to see you enjoyed the run, and with Jane made it fun!

  2. Love all your pictures, It is hard to read on the black background ( I wear glasses)Great job on your race and thanks for stopping by today!